Horse Carriage Tour in the Old Town

45 min
In this journey we evoke the sixteenth and seventeenth century. From the back of the horse drawn carriage we see the beauty and majestic Cartagena with its narrow streets, charming balconies and corners.
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Traditional African Village of Palenque

13 hrs
An hour and a half from Cartagena there is a traditional village called San Basilio de Palenque. Here they still preserve many of the old traditions of Africans that was brought to South America with colonial slavery. You can even hear the old language of the Bantu, which is the primitive African language that many elders still speak.
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Pirate Attack Experience

2 hrs
A night of fine dining ends with a pirate attack and sailing into the night celebrating the pirate victory with music, snacks, drinks and tales of pirates.
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